Friday, March 20, 2009

Books, Books, Books

I've had an exciting couple of weeks--my books are now being carried in several local bookstores. On Wednesday of last week, I delivered books to the Borders at Flatirons in Broomfield, CO. Today I received an email from the Tattered Cover, and they ordered books for each of their 3 locations in metro Denver. AND, Borders has scheduled me to do a book signing on May 2 from 1 to 3!

In other news, I discovered a program that has the capability to calculate nutritional information for recipes. I spent several weeks entering all of my recipes into the program, and have now added a nutritional information page to my website, with the information from all of the recipes in Sophie-Safe Cooking.


Robin said...

Emily, I'm so delighted with your success - well done!!!

Rach_Spencer said...

I LOVE your book. I bought it a few months ago and use it A LOT!! You're a genius!! I saw it featured in the back of the BYU Alumni magazine and ordered it the next day. I'm so glad you did all the work for me. I especially love that your recipes use oat flour and not all the weird flour combos. I can easily blend oats in the blender whenever I need more flour. I have 4 boys that all have food allergies. 2 of them have 5 of the 7 most common food allergies so most "allergy" recipes I came across I still couldn't use. I really can't thank you enough for doing this. I tell anyone with kids that have multiple food allergies about your book. If you come up with a second book I'll definitely be first in line to buy it!