Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm so proud!

This is Sophie's first year eating lunch at school, as well as her first year having a snack everyday at school. This created all sorts of nervousness for me before school started, but I shouldn't have worried. Yesterday Sophie told me that a few weeks ago, her teacher accidentally gave her Goldfish at snack time.
Feeling incredulous, I asked, "What did you do?"
She said, "I said 'I can't eat those,' and she cleaned off my desk." She said it as matter-of-fact as if she was telling me her spelling words.
Knowing that food plays a central and volatile role in Sophie's life, I am so proud that she is so relaxed about it!


Gluten Free Mom to Many said...

Emily I am so glad to see that you have joined the blog world.
I hope to see you around more.
We would love to have you come and visit us over at
Best wishes!

Debbie said...

I am excited to keep up with your adventures and advice through your blog. Your cookbook has made life easier for us, so it will be nice to see how you manage day to day :-).

Amy Coons said...

Great news! Hooray for Sophie!

the veggie paparazzo said...

Glad to see Sophie knows how to keep herself safe! The hospital tried to give me Saltines after surgery, and I fortunately had the presence of mind to stop them---but it gave me nightmares later!