Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lunchbox Lunches

One of the things that caused me stress when thinking about sending Sophie off to school was what to send in her lunch. At home, she usually eats leftovers from dinner the night before, or we cook something fast for her lunch. I knew that sandwiches would be okay sometimes, but rice bread is too expensive for her to take every day. Plus, I wanted her to be able to pack her own lunch. As it turns out, she takes muffins for her lunch most days. They don't have to be refrigerated and I can actually make a batch and freeze it, so I'm not baking constantly. If she puts 1 or 2 frozen muffins in her lunchbox the night before, they are thawed by lunchtime.

Do you need extra muffin recipes? In addition to using the muffin recipes from my cookbook, I also make the quick bread recipes into muffins--mix up the batter and pour it into greased or lined muffin cups. A recipe for 1 loaf of bread makes between 12 and 18 muffins, depending on the size of your muffin cups and how full you fill them. Then bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes. When they are done, the tops should be starting to brown and a toothpick or knife inserted into a muffin should come out clean. I like to allow the muffins to cool for about 5 minutes in the muffin pan and then slide a knife down the side to lift the muffins out one by one. If you're storing them, especially freezing them, you'll want to let them cool completely before putting them in a ziploc bag. If you're not storing them, they taste best warm from the oven, in my opinion!

There is one drawback--Sophie's older sisters now take muffins in their lunches, too, and we are going through more muffins than you can imagine!

Some of the other things Sophie has taken in her lunchbox are: celery sticks or apple slices with Sunbutter ( and sold at Target in our area!), chips with bean dip or chicken salad, and of course sandwiches Sophie Safe Style--rice bread with SoyNutButter or Sunbutter and jelly.


Traci Lyn said...

HI Emily! So glad you're finally blogging! I've been a slacker! Treavor is also off to school this year! After the Chex Mix Incident at Summer Camp, he wears a sticker that says, "PLEASE DON'T FEED ME!" He often wears a food allergy shirt of some kind too (I made them myself!) Perhaps I'll post pics on my blog soon! He brings his own snacks. His teacher made him a special box to keep them in. Lunches have been tough. I do sunbutter and jelly on rice bread, trader joe's nitrate free hot dogs, and rice pasta with veggies and italian dressing (Newman's Own!). I also sometimes just pack a lot of fruits and veggies and maybe a rice cake. He's only two, so he's not so into sandwiches.

I can't remember if I gave you my meatloaf recipe...thought you might want to try it! Here's the link

Glad things are well! I'll be checking your blog! Traci

Amy Coons said...

Thank you so much for your suggestion for Sunbutter. I hadn't heard of it before...I went out today and bought some (my Target had it too!) All tastebuds in the house agree it tastes great! Ah, another option.

Lyndi said...

I am so gald you found me. I am streesing about Jessie's allergies since we found out that is what was causing all her rashes. This week all she has eaten has still caused her to break out. I love what I have read in your cookbook so far. I can see where I can leave ingredients out and substitutte when needed. Thank you so much for publishing it. I can't wait to actually start cooking (that is as soon as we find what else she CAN'T have). I would love to pick your brain some more, please e-mail me your e-mail address, if you don't mind, and I will send you my contact info. I am feeling desperate.