Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Is this crazy? We're taking our family to Disneyland. So in addition to long lines, crowds, trying to keep track of a wandering 3 year old, not to mention the possible nightmare of airplane travel with children, we are braving a vacation with food allergies. What does Disneyland have to offer a child who's allergic to eggs, wheat, peanuts and tree nuts? I've made a few phone calls, even received a phone call back from one of the head chefs, so now it's trial by fire so to speak. Our first Disneyland food experience will be bright and early our first day there, at the PCH Grill (the Lilo and Stitch breakfast).

It's too late to be nervous, so wish us luck!

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michele said...

Emily, this is NOT for a post, simply a message to you, since I don't have your email. I can provide you with further information about dining with kids at Disneyland Resort and healthy food options now being offered for kids. Hope you are having a good time and that the first meal was wonderful. Michele